Top 10: Happy songs

Welcome to this happy list of happy songs! Please note that, as usual, only Rock or Metal songs are in this list. I avoided other genres otherwise it would have been full of Ska, Funky, Bob Marley and James Brown. Ok, let's get started now!

10) Queen - Don't stop me now
The perfect song to charge you up. It wakes you up in the morning when you need a boost. Put this song on, it'll help you (at least I hope so). Sure, Freddie's teeth were not so glamorous, maybe just listen to it.

9) Katrina And The Waves - Walkin' On Sunshine
I have no idea who they are but the song is totally Rock (right?) and you can't admit it sounds happy and very positive, so here we are. I'm walking on sunshineeeee oh ohhhhhhh

8) Bon Jovi - Who says you can't go home
From the enormous list of Bon Jovi, I chose this one. Don't ask me why, but it relaxes me and always puts me in a good mood. Also, after listening to it, I start humming for the next 2-3 hours: "It's alright ... It's alright..." (which doesn't really put me in a good mood at all, to be honest).

7) Edguy - Lavatory love machine
Cheerful band too (as the previous position), with many songs potentially suitable for this top 10. I'm chosing Lavatory love machine because it has crazy lyrics (a plane about to crash and Tobias Sammet flirting with the stewardess) and a pretty stupid video of them being jerks and many other things. It can also be seen from the preview.

6) Zebrahead - Playmate of the year
In reality this is so disgustingly cheerful that it is almost annoying. You know what? I remove the almost: it is damn annoying, but you can't hide the fact that it is cheerful. Disgustingly. Okay, I already said that. (sorry, I'm going crazy, it's the effect of the song). Maybe I should make a top 10 on annoying songs. Disgustingly.

5) Oasis - Rock n' roll star
Perfect song to start a journey with, perfect for car rides and loud volume. 
Don't you believe me? Do that and then comment the article saying "you were right!" Tooooooooniiiiiiiiiiiiiiggtttttt IIIIII'mmmmmm a roooockkk n' roooooolll staaaaaaaaaarr.

4) Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the middle with you
The song will probably remind you of the famous scene from Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir dogs". The success of that was precisely in between the contrast of the joy of this song and the "crudeness" of the images. When I listen to this song, I instinctively do the silly "little steps" of Mr Blonde. I wanted to put the clip of the film in place of the video clip, but then I thought it is a cheerful top 10, so better leave it where it is.

3) Helloween - Rise and fall
Well, Helloween are the healthy bearers of Happy Metal and I couldn't not include them in the charts. I chose Rise & fall because it has stupid (but not so much) lyrics and because the main melody seems to be taken from a cartoon, if you change the arrangement (typically metal) it could very well be. I really like the laugh at the beginning. 

2) David Lee Roth - California girls
It's clearly a Beach boys cover, but this one makes me even happier than the original thanks to the girls in the video and the attitude of David Lee Roth. The song works anyway even without the video. But better with the video. Ok, stop.

1) R.E.M. - Shiny happy people
The absolute winner for me is this one. It does not disappoint from any point of view: lyrics, music, performance, video, costumes... Even in the clothing of the two singers. The woman's makeup and Michael Stipe's yellow hat (backwards) scream for revenge. In the dictionary of synonyms there should be an entry for this song, associated with the word happy, of course. If you are sad and blue, put on this song, it will all pass.

Giovanni Gagliano

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