Top 10: Creepy songs

It is the turn of a disturbing top 10. All the songs that scare us a little when we listen to them, for one reason or another. This time the "radius" is wider, I have also included songs that are not strictly Rock. Well, some of them have nothing to do with Rock, to be honest. Thanks as usual for the reports, but I realized that this was more a personal chart than anything else. What is disturbing to one person may not be disturbing to another. 

No more banter, let's get started! 

10) Marilyn Manson - The man that you fear  
You didn't expect to find the calm and docile Marylin Manson (I'm sarcastic, of course) in this chart, right? The man that you fear has a lot of disturbing things, not least his friends in the video below. Maybe after all the scandals we heard in the last period this is even creepier, if possible.

9) Bryan Adams - I'm not the man you think I am
BRYAN ADAMS?!? What? Strange to find in this ranking someone who has always made cheerful songs, ballads or very catchy tunes. I was stunned when I listened to this song for the first time. But is Bryan Adams seriously? Yes, I challenge you to recognize it. I don't know why, but all this worries me a lot. Click on the title for the YouTube link. 

8) Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave - Where the wild roses grow
The song is somewhat disturbing due to the contrast between her little voice and his clumsy / out of tune voice, but the real icing is the lyrics. Two who know each other and fall in love and... It all ends in murder. He saying to her "all the beauty must die" by placing a rose between her teeth. TAH!

7-6) Him - Gone with the sin & Cat Stevens - Lady D'arbanville
Yes, two positions in one. Maybe I didn't fully understand the lyrics (I hope so), but, am I wrong or in both songs (very beautiful, by the way) they are contemplating a dead woman??? It would also be (almost) normal for HIM, but for Cat Stevens? If you know more about the matter, let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, I publish the lyric videos so you can enjoy the creepiness.

5) Black sabbath - Black Sabbath
It starts very well, with a death knell. Listen to it with headphones at high volume and tell me if the voice of a very young Ozzy in this song does not give you the creeps... I found this live version that is even better than the original, in terms of creepiness.

4) Carmina Burana - O fortuna
Used by Ozzy himself to open his concerts. And this explains why it should be in this chart. As I said at the beginning of the article, it's not purely Rock or Metal this is an open chart. Even the preview of the video scares me, don't know why.

3) The Beatles - Revolution number nine
The Beatles were masters in everything, even at disturbing people, when they wanted to. Number 9.... Number 9... Number 9... A shiver down my spine listening to these 7 minutes of agonizing delirium. If you want to torture someone, play this song at full volume, it will be enough.

2) Angelo Badalamenti - Twin peaks theme
I will certainly be influenced by a series (Twin peaks, of course, I'm sure you know it) that shocked me when I was little more than a baby, but this song still gives me the chills. If I think back to Bob (do you remember him?) I immediately want to go and slip under the duvet, the definitive place when you want to hide from Monsters. You are safe in there for an unknown reason.

1) Masked Ball - Jocelyn Pook
For this one I will be short, you don't really need words. This melody is creepy A.F, that's it! If you listen to it at night, the best thing you can expect is Satan himself who comes to ring you.
Play it at your own risk.

Giovanni Gagliano

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