Avoria is a musical project born in Southern Italy (Basilicata region) back in March 2020. 

The band composes songs which have their roots in a international electro-rock music from the '80s merged with the twentieth century melodic tradition of modern Italian songs. 

Avoria has released 9 tracks so far, including the brand new cover of the Joy Division song New Dawn Fades included in Unknown Pleasure, an album released in 1979. 

The cover is very interesting because it is in Italian and the title changed in Una nuova aurora svanisce. Give it a go on the player below.

The other material of the band includes the latest original single, released on February, called 40° with a creepy video preview somehow representing the song, with some Nine inch nails vibes but with some Italian vibes too and, of course, lyrics. Very interesting is the combination of the instruments you can hear during the song and the singing, maybe not very graceful, but effective and that perfectly fits the song. 

The song Albe di primavera (released in 4 version, including one orchestral) was released back in September 2020 and it sounds again in between popular Italian music and something like Industrial rock. Definitely an interesting trademark of the band and not very common to find.

In their discography we find 2 more singles: Verso casa e Vent'anni (another cover).




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