Helloween - Helloween Review and top 5 moments (2021)

I've been waiting for this record for about 25 years: Helloween finally reunited with Michael Kiske and Kay Hansen, what more do you want? It's also amazing that for this album the band used the old drumkit of Ingo Schwichtenberg and the album was recorded in the same studio as the first period of Andi Deris: “Master Of The Rings”, “The Time Of The Oath” and “Better Than Raw”.

Well, can I be honest? Despite all of this I'm not totally satisfied with this one, but maybe because my expectations were too high. Sorry for the spoiler, I leave you with the videos now. First my top 5 moments and then the video review now.

Here is my opinion but don't forget to let me know yours.

01. Out For The Glory
02. Fear Of The Fallen
03. Best Time
04. Mass Pollution
05. Angels
06. Rise Without Chains
07. Indestructible
08. Robot King
09. Cyanide
10. Down In The Dumps
11. Orbit
12. Skyfall

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