Ibridoma - December (2016) Review

Here we are today talking about Ibridoma, an Italian Heavy Metal band on the scene for 20 years now. Definitely a very respectable curriculum for a band that released an important album back in 2016. Ibridoma never missed the chance of having special guests on their records. If in the past, in fact, guest stars as Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra) and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) contributed with their class, in this album, called December, Ibridoma gains the honour of the presence of two singers from Iron Maiden: Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bayley.

But let's talk about the music of this album, December: a pure Heavy Metal record with heavy riffs and exactly all what we expect from a release like this with a robust and effective sound. The opener Sniper reminds me of Judas priest, with a killer riff and a good, and very memorable, chorus. Definitely one of my favourite tracks of the album. Covered by the blood is another good powerful track while the title track and Chemtrails are more mid-tempos and radio-friendly (if we can talk about radio-friendly tunes, here).

Talking about the two guests, Paul Di'Anno is definitely doing a good job on I'm a bully but I have to admit I wouldn't have recognised him without reading his name in the credits as his voice has changed a lot, becoming way heavier than it was. Saying that the track is definitely a good, powerful one. In Land of flames, Blaze Bayley is very recognisable instead and the combo with Christian Bartolacci works way better than the previous, in my opinion. The song reminds me of some solo material of the British singer, a sign that his imprinting is strong.

There is a power ballad, Come with me, that convinces me in the chorus but a little less during the verses. I really appreciate the final track, Change me, with some Power metal resemblance: double bass and a good melodic chorus. Definitely one of my favourite of the album.

The 10 tracks of December are not innovative but probably that's not what we expect from the band and from the genre. Ibridoma convinces us with a good sound, goof riffing and some catchy choruses. Good job! 

Top tracks: Sniper, Land of flames, Change me.

Christian Bartolacci
Marco Vitali
Sebastiano Ciccale
Leonardo Ciccarelli
Alessandro Morroni

Special guests
Paul Di' Anno (vocals on I'm a Bully)
Blaze Bayley (vocals on Land of flames)

1. Sniper
2. Covered by the Blood
3. December
4. Chemtrails
5. I’m a Bully
6. Dead Trees
7. Come with Me
8. Land of Flames
9. I Don’t Like
10. Change Me

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