Interview: Subfire

greek metal band

1) Bio
(Symeon). The band has been active since 2004. After many live shows and festivals in Greece we found our sound as a power metal band. Also, it was difficult for us to find proper band members because we needed good musicians and nice people that actually we could hang out as friends, in the end we did it.

2) Line up
(Symeon). The band is consisted by me (Symeon Sanidas – drums), George Larentzakis (guitars, backing vocals), Rindra Rado (bass), and Veandok (vocals).

3) We sound like

(George). In terms of composition, we try to keep the style of music we play as classic and heavy as possible by lifting off our songs with melodies provided by power metal music. So IC would say loud and melodic!

4) Discography
(Symeon). Throughout the years we recorded 2 demos and 1 EP. 
The first demo was released in 2007 and is called ‘Freedom of Heaven’, the second demo was released in 2009 and is called ‘Immortality’ and our EP is called ‘Vanished Hopes’ and was released in 2013. And of course we have our first full-length upcoming album ‘Define the Sinner’ which is going to be released on September 10th 2021 by Symmetric Records so stay tuned!

5) Influences
(George). Our main Influences are really very classic! Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Helloween, Blind Guardian, etc. But also I am personally attached to the Japanese style (Galneryus, X Japan)! In time I am thinking of incorporating it a little more in my compositions! The result is unique at the moment, so stay tuned!

6) What do you write about?
(Symeon). Usually we write about everything, depending always on the music first. In the band, George and myself take all the decisions regarding Subfire and we do almost everything. George is our maestro, he writes the all music, and I write most of the lyrics and vocal lines, with George’s help where needed. So we have the music idea first, afterwards we put the vocal lines and in the end we write the lyrics. Depending on the music we write the lyrics that fit the music environment of the song. It could be about the result of a battle and the impact that has on a soldier’s mental state for example, or it could be the inner struggle of a man with himself when he returns home from war, or it could be an internal wandering when he seeks for divine signs that could explain things, etc. Of course, I try to end things with a positive note when I write, it is not my intention to write ‘dark’ and ‘doom’ songs, I want the reader, when he reaches the end of the lyric lines, to feel hopeful and with good energy.

7) Your favourite live performance so far
(Symeon). Our best live performance was in October 2017 in a place called ‘Remedy’, it’s like a pub. It was crowded and with the line-up then, we performed extremely well on our playlist. The response of the audience was incredible and it was then that I say to myself, ‘we are good, we have to be great, so work more and harder. It was the sparkle that makes us create ‘Define the Sinner’.

8) Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
(Symeon). We have a lot, one that comes to my mind was when we were playing in a summer festival next to the beach and George removed the wire of his guitar by mistake while he was playing and we continued playing for several seconds until we realized what was going on, it was really funny!!

9) Your favourite records
(Symeon). Helloween_‘Keeper of the Seven Keys’ (Part 1 & Part 2), Judas Priest_‘Painkiller’, Blind Guardian_’Imaginations from the other side’, Iced Earth_‘The Dark Saga’.

10) A musician you would like to meet for a beer
(Symeon). I really wanted to meet Lemmy and I was so sad when he passed away, I believe that he was a pure rock star who kept his style and personality all his life.

11) What will you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth
(Symeon). Communication with the fans all the time and the best sound that exists so we can lift them up.

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