Tobias Sammet: "Edguy? Maybe after the pandemic is over..."

Tobias Sammet from Avantasia's Facebook account gave us an update regarding the new forthcoming record and he replied to a question asking about Edguy - If we should consider the band part of the past.

Here is the reply from Tobias:

"I don't think it's a band of the past, but I do not know when concerts are possible again and when there will be the time for Edguy. Recently the air had gone out of the balloon of Edguy, but then shortly after there weren't concerts possible at all. As for songwriting there are times when I record my songs in the name of Avantasia and when I do them in the name of Edguy, and right now I do it as Avantasia because I have a feeling that this is what these songs are and this is how I have to do them. On my own, without anyone else interfering. That being said, the Edboys are wonderful people, doing their own stuff these days and in a few years, once the pandemic is over, I really hope we can hit the road for something... But now we all do individual stuff!"

Giovanni Gagliano

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