Ushering in a brand new chapter in his musical career, runway model turned musician Andreww unveils ‘In My Head’, his latest rock n’ roll inspired single and his next awaited release since the success of Crossroads, which dropped in April.

Determined to maintain momentum whilst continuously exploring the vastness of his creativity, Andreww offers fans a deeper and darker perspective to his songwriting with ‘In My Head’, providing an intriguing glimpse into the psyche of an otherwise mysterious artist. Eerie and insidious, ‘In My Head’ sees Andreww explore and dissect the often turbulent relationship between a man and his innermost thoughts. Delivered over characteristically dirty, grunge fuelled sonics and a curated mishmash of electric guitars, this track ups the ante from previous releases in terms of songwriting, composition and concept.

" ‘In My Head’ is about challenging your ghosts. Either you go to war with them or you accept them but there’s no denying they are there.” - Andreww

Delving deeper than ever before Andreww takes introspection to a whole new level, through the clever and creative use of his lyrics, Andreww is able to personify his demons to such an extent that the track almost sounds like a conversation between Andreww and the darkest recesses of his mind.

Since the release of his debut single ‘Talking to Myself’ in late 2020, Andreww has gone from strength to strength, honing his craft and establishing a name for himself in the industry as one to watch. With exciting and innovative releases such as ‘Medusa’, and ‘Shadow Love’ which included an interactive game and most recently ‘Crossroads’, he emanates an eclectic taste in both music and fashion. Stemming from his background as an international runway and fashion model, strutting for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dior. Andreww is known for his vehement refusal to be tied down by any one genre, Andreww’s music is a rich and complex tapestry of seemingly mismatched sounds and genres that come together to create a unique and dynamic soundscape for listeners to get lost in.

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