Behind the songs: Ozzy Osbourne - I just want you

"You are my angel", "you are my life", "I love you", "I would die without you" and so on... 

We've heard billions of love songs express the same concepts (and the same phrases). In a convincing way, for heaven's sake, but always using the same formula. I just want you by Ozzy Osbourne is different.

The song mentions, in fact, a whole series of actions of questionable sense until Ozzy closes the period with I JUST WANT YOU, as if to say: I don't give a damn about this or that, I just want you. In my opinion brilliant lyrics. 

I will quote some passages just to make you understand the genius (in case you do not know the song).

"There Are No Impossible Dreams
There Are No Invisible Seams
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much
I Just Want You"

Later on, in the song, there is this bridge:

"I'm Sick And Tired Of Bein' Sick And Tired
I Used To Go To Bed So High And Wired
I Think I'll Buy Myself Some Plastic Water
I Guess I Should Have Married Lennon's Daughter"

Now, if anyone knows what Ozzy is referring to in this sentence (especially about marrying Lennon's daughter!), Please let me know. Actually no, this sentence is so rambling that I like it a lot. If it made sense (to me, maybe it does) it would probably lose a lot of his appeal.

I Just want you is the second track of Ozzmosis, an album that I appreciate very, very much. I like the song a lot besides for the text quoted above, for the atmosphere and for the touch of class of Zakk Wylde on the guitar. The solo is the icing on the cake on one of my absolute favorite songs of the Prince of darkness, here in a very modern but equally effective version.

Giovanni Gagliano

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