Modern Divide

Josh Dowling - Guitars
Ben Watts - Drums
Matthew Jelley - Vocals/Guitars
Keaton Marin - Bass

“Geelong has a lot to offer the music world and if there’s a band that’s proving it in leaps and bounds, it’s Modern Divide.” - Forte Magazine

In May 2016 Modern Divide released their debut EP Beneath the lies produced by Daniel Fusella.

“Beneath the lies tells a story of the darker places you find inside someone when faced with the disappointment, confrontation and challenges of life. How people can hide themselves amongst the chaos and what lies on the other side once some perspective has been learned.”
– Vocalist/lyricist Matt Jelley

"Beneath the Lies is a blistering heavy rock/metal EP from Modern Divide. An expansive effort from the four­ piece who are quickly rising in Geelong’s music scene.
This EP is a message to the local scene, a warning of sorts, that Modern Divide are here and aren’t going to stop on their way to the top. "
- Independent review, Jack Cherry (Forte Magazine)
Giovanni Gagliano

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