Mr. Limbis

Philadelphia-based rocker Mr. Limbis (a solo project of Doug Lewis) has a talent for powerful imagery and pursues his sound with fury and focus. Lewis plays all the instruments including drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals as well as writing, producing, and engineering all of the material.

With years of song craft behind him (Lewis has written over 1000 songs) he builds his songs upon fairly simple elements but knows how to put some meat on them. His beat lyrics are not overtly political, but often seem to be alienated from the mainstream.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Lewis is an ace guitarist. On record, he announces his command of the instrument and you can almost feel the heat pouring from the tube amp as he plays a slashing fuzz-tone evoking both punk rock and the psychedelic era. Feedback darts in and out throughout the tracks and you know you are in the hands of a guitarist who knows exactly how to get the sounds he wants.

Mr. Limbis pulls influences in from a lot of places -- Television, the Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, The Stooges, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, and The Replacements -- but just when you think you’ve got him sussed, he throws you a curve.... where did that surf-guitar lead come from? What’s up with that spoken word vocal?

Lewis writes and records all of Mr. Limbis material in his home studio called Shoe Shine Studio. He releases music on his Betty Jane Records label.

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