Travis Jon Evans

Growing up in a small town in regional Australia, Travis had a love for music and sound production at a very early age. Armed with some basic musical skills honed through childhood piano lessons, Travis was experimenting with sound-on-sound vocal/keyboard recording by the age of 10 via a setup of multi-deck cassette recorders and custom-made instruments (think kitchen utensils on an ice-cream container for drums!). Though primitive, these early experiences would serve well in developing a sense of song and an ability to create musical moods by layering complimentary musical parts.

Travis’ adolescence was spent idolising and emulating the guitar heroics of the likes of Steve Vai and Dream Theater. Never fearing to take on a challenge, Travis’ developed an ability to learn by ear and some serious musical chops during this period. This resulted in numerous awards, both personally and in teen battle-of-the-bands competitions.

With Travis’ brooding vocal style and distinctive Ibanez guitar out front, his bands have been a regular fixture across the iconic live music venues of his hometown of Melbourne, and rock festivals throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The popularity of these shows resulted in a short-lived label deal, and the opportunity to work with acclaimed Australian producer Forrester Savell (Helmet, Karnivool, Sikth) on production on a debut EP. This EP was showcased successfully at Austin Texas’ SXSW music industry festival, with this success ironically creating a band split across two continents, conflicting personal priorities and ultimately the end of this chapter in Travis’ career.

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