Wave 21

Wave 21 delivers melodic rock with timeless riffs, lavish harmonies, and lyrics that read like short stories on life, love, and rock n’roll. The band is known internationally for their original songwriting and solid live performances bursting with raw talent. Their live shows offer fans an intergenerational mix of musical knowledge and good vibes. Based in Montreal, Canada, the band is fronted by lead singer Mary-Lynn Doroschuk. Her father, Stefan Doroschuk, from Men Without Hats fame, produced both of the band’s albums past and present and officially joined the band in 2020. Both albums were mastered at Georgetown Masters in Nashville.

Having played live in and around the Montreal/Toronto area, Wave 21 made the most of their time recently in confinement by keeping busy in the studio recording new material for their much anticipated second album, “Brace Yourself”, slated for release on June 25, 2021.

The band’s first (self-titled) album garnered airplay nationally on both college radio as well as Canadian commercial Country radio and garnered stellar reviews worldwide. Their latest 10-track full album release “Brace Yourself” definitely has a more Triple-A - Rock feel, melodically blending the band’s true sounds and harmonies and features guest appearances from JUNO award winner Sam Roberts and JUNO award winner and legendary guitarist, Steve Hill. Both esteemed Canadian musicians contribute to giving this latest album a distinct rock and roll edge.

“Brace Yourself” is a well-rounded collection that showcases the Doroschuk sisters’ versatile songwriting. The songs were handpicked with the purpose of creating a 10 track album that reminisces on stories of both life and love. This time around, the band wanted to touch on a more in-depth discussion involving the more challenging aspects of life, while incorporating topics about the earth and its beautiful surroundings. Wave 21’s “Brace Yourself” focuses on their newly found niche of pure rock ’n roll, pointing the band in an exciting artistic direction.

The feature single “Why Does It Happen?” is a song about how our planet is constantly faced with too many unnecessary acts of destruction and pollution on a daily basis. Mary-Lynn asks the listeners “Why Does It Happen?” throughout the song to express a certain cry for help for our beloved Mother Earth. The song asks us all to collectively change our ways to respect our surroundings and the sacred land that we all share and live in.

The name Wave 21 is rooted from the mid-70s when Mary-Lynn’s father Stefan Doroschuk and her uncles Ivan and Colin formed a band for a high school show which they called Wave 21, the precursor band to Men Without Hats.

So, to carry on a family tradition, we bring you Wave 21: The Next Generation.

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