Clear Vision - Eve Of the End

Clear Vision is a six-piece Finnish melodic metal band consisting of Mikko Laihanen (drums), Jaakko Mäntymaa (Vocals), Antti Röksä (Rhythm Guitar), Mika Koskimies (Clean Vocals), Johnny Texas (Bass), Petri Paronen (Rhythm/ Lead Guitar and Orchestrations). 

Talking about their songs in general, Paronen says: ”In many ways all the songs have one theme, which can be described as life difficulties. Hard times on having a very pessimistic view of life, but still after a lot is lost in a journey of life there still lays hope at the end of the tunnel. All the songs are personal to me as a writer, Jaakko who wrote most of the lyrics pretty much read my mind and put in words what was hiding in my mind.”

Talking  in particular about Eve of the end, their new one, what I like is the massive riffing (it sounds huge!) and the open choruses, very melodic, after the growling verses. Also the keyboards line and sound remind me of lots of good bands coming from Finland. 

You can listen to the song on the player below, with a nice lyric video, and Follow the band if you like it. Give it a go.

Giovanni Gagliano

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