Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii are an apocalyptic art-punk band from Bristol, UK, who wind post-punk and experimental rock together like two ends of a fraying rope.

Their transgressive songs ring with disparate elements - from industrial to world music. The vocals descend from baritone drawl to manic yelp as erratically as the music pivots from catchy groove-based euphony to discord and angulation.

"Very few people can pull off IDLES’ signature vitriol, or HMLTD’s glam romp, and combine it with a chaos all their own, but Erotic Secrets… do that very well indeed. Gloriously, in fact." - Soundsphere Magazine​

"Erotic Secrets... have managed to create some of the most chaotic, disconcerting, fun and positively danceable music of the year." - Independent Music News​

FFO: Talking Heads, Nick Cave, IDLES, Black Midi, Protomartyr, Viagra Boys, Pixies, Captain Beefheart, Tropical Fuck Storm, Daughters, The Fall.


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