Hendren - You Can Tread On Me

Hendren is an artist from the Netherland who just released this new song, called You can tread on me 

Hendren said: "This is a song about (romantic) rejection and mental health. Which is not a great combo in my experience. It’s so healthy to be rejected, but when my depression was at an all time high, these rejections could make me believe that it had to do with me as a person and could really bring me down hard. It’s so easy to take shit like this personally when while having low self-esteem. I needed to write this for my own sake and I honestly try to believe that every rejection, being it romantically, or job/music wise etc teaches me more about myself. The song sounds like it was written on a beach on a sunny day, but to be honest, it was written in a very dark place when I was dealing with a lot of self hate/pity while tirelessly battling a heavy addiction. I’m in recovery and always will be, but I have learnt to deal with rejection (otherwise I would never submit this shit here haha ;)..) and am practicing self love every day! Music is the answer!"

You can listen to You can tread on me on the player below, a very enjoyable song with some 70's vibes but with a modern sound.

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