The Swedish metal project HÖST releases the new album "The Upside Down", just months after the debut. The project's creator Filip Leo (ex Corporation 187, ex Satanic Slaughter) involves singer Pehr Severin (ex Corporation 187) and drummer Nir Nakav (Salem, Tomorrow's Rain, The Nir-Death Experiment) to realize his vision - 27 years after all began.

What's new? Releasing the second album. 
Album title: The Upside Down. Release Date: April 1, 2021. Label: Studio Jätteliten Recordings. This recording features Music: Filip Leo. Vocals: Pehr Severin. Vocals, guitar, bass: Filip Leo. Drums: Nir Nakav. 

The album's title is "The Upside Down" and is the sequel to last year's debut, the EP "The heart of October". The music on the new album is straighter, heavier and harder than its predecessor, but still melodic and varied. The basic idea is that there are no general rules for how it should sound. The lyrics are the result of various thoughts and questioning of the world we live in. Vocals and lyrics are made by Pehr Severin and Filip Leo. It has been a smooth and creative process and the upcoming album was recorded during the fall 2020, both in the home studio in Linghem, but also in various hotel rooms around Sweden, as well as in Kicha studios, Israel, since drummer Nir Nakav (Salem, Tomorrow's Rain, The Nir-Death Experiment) is playing on the album. This recording is mixed and mastered by Marco S at The Devil´s Mark Productions. 

The cover is exclusively painted for HÖST by Jennie Ström back in 1996. Background/ BIOGRAPHY HÖST was started as a one-man project in 1994 by Filip Leo, previously in bands such as Corporation 187 (vocals), Satanic Slaughter (bass), Thornclad (guitar), Demons To Prefer (guitar), Daisy Chain (guitar), Spiteful (guitar). The reason why HÖST was created was to make music without being forced to fit in or compromise. HÖST released 3 demo cassettes in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997 in small editions, about 30-40 copies. During the years 1995 to 2008, Filip Leo was active in several metal constellations in Linköping, but when his own photo company was started in 2008, there was not enough time to play in bands anymore. However, music has always been created, albeit in short pieces. Riffs that were recorded as small song ideas, piled up with a hope that a time will come when everything can be presented in a reasonable context. In the summer of 2020, Filip started writing and recording a new song "You Can't Be My Messiah" (guitar, bass and drums). Pehr Severin, who was also a singer in Corporation 187, was asked to record vocals for the new song and the result exceeded expectations. The song also deserved a better drum sound and Mathias Kamijo programmed new drums for the song (and ended up programming drums for the entire debut album). More songs were created and resulted in the album called "The Heart Of October". The debut "The Heart of October" is mixed and mastered by Marco S, at The Devil's Mark Productions. The debut album was released on October 17, 2020 under label Studio Jätteliten. The album “The Upside Down” was released on April 1, 2021

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