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king kong band

1) Bio
King Bong was born in the year of VIII, the breed of one night of wild intercourse between the Universal Evil and the very principle of Life. The Beast has claimed the intergalactic throne as its own and has immediately set course on a path towards immortality. The three acolytes of the King have constantly been refining their sound, based on live playing and improvising. As years go by, new influences come into play and King Bong’s aural exploration goes deeper and deeper. 17 albums have been published to recount these adventures.

2) Line up
Andrea – Guitar, synth
Alberto – Bass, synth
Teo – Drums, percussion, synth

3) We sound like
An instrumental improvised journey through time and space, through different sounds and landscapes.

4) Discography
2009 - How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong
2010 - Alice In Stonerland
2012 - Space Shanties
2014 - PINNG - Or the Underwater Adventures of a Young Cthulhu
2015 - Through The Smoking Glass
2016 - Autobohng
2017 - Rivolta Dada
2017 - Sand ≈ Return
2018 - Dickus Pickus - Live at Circolo Gagarin
2018 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 1 - Old School Cool
2018 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 2 - Electric Boogaloo
2018 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 3 - Bong Sulfur Sax Magick
2018 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 4 - Dreadful Gate
2018 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 5 - To Infinity And Between
2020 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 7 - Friziofono a Idione
2020 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 8 - Rosebud
2021 - Beekse Bergen, vol. 6 – OGOPOGO

5) Influences
Motorpsycho, Grateful Dead, Miles Davis and King Crimson are all great influences, but anything goes. We like early funk records, drones, noise, if it’s gritty and has some kind of edge it might end up appearing in our music.

6) What do you write about?
Our songs usually tell a story, we have a plot for most of our tracks. These can be very varied in tone and scope: we’ve got one about a man’s hallucinations caused by drinking his own pee to survive in the desert; one about a teenager god’s adventures; one about centuries old mummies contemplating the passage of time and seasons…

7) Your favourite live performance so far
In 2014 we played in Koper and it was a fantastic night. Great crowd, we played a very long concert to a receptive audience and we interacted with the local Frank Zappa. We then spent the early hours of the morning talking about Magma with the sound guy.

8) Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
Not many stories in the studio, but on the stage we’ve had a few ones. A favorite is the one I hinted at above: while playing in Koper we were interrupted by Marko Brecelj, a Slovenian musician and activist, now in his 70s. He felt the need to speak to the audience and we’re certainly not going to stop him! It was quite a bizarre moment, as we didn’t understand a word of what he said, but we were honored nonetheless.

9) Your favourite records
Each of us has very different taste, so there’s very few albums on which we all agree. One of them is “Nightfall in Middle-Earth” by Blind Guardian.

10) A musician you would like to meet for a beer
Jerry Garcia

11) What will you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth
World peace. Also, four fried chickens and a bong.

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