Interview: Project Renegade

Answes by Ody(drums)

We are a band from Athens, Greece consisting of 4 members. We started in 2014 and have released one EP “Cerebra” and one LP “Order of the Minus”. We are currently wrapping up our new album and we have shared the stage with a lot of our heroes and we hope to continue to do so. Our goal is to spread our message of “Unity through diversity” throughout the world and hopefully help inspire people with our music to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Line up
The band consists of Marianna on vocals, Philippe on guitar, Jay on bass and Ody on drums.

We sound like
Transformers having a party and the Black Canary is DJing

We have one EP “Cerebra” and one Full length album called “Order of the Minus”

Comic books, movies, real-life experiences and music to some extent…Mostly early 90’s to late 00’s metal and every other genre of music that has quality and is worthwhile to dig into as a fan and a listener.

What do you write about?
Mostly we write about stuff that is happening in our world right now. We think that is our artistic duty as musicians to open up dialogues about social phenomena and travesties that are keeping us from evolving as a society and as a species. Socio-psychological issues are mostly what is depicted in our songs while we take real-life experiences that we or acquaintances of ours have been through which we think are incredible and relatable stories that we feel the world needs to know about and we turn them into songs which hopefully will bring a sense of catharsis to us as musicians or to the listener.

Your favourite live performance so far
Supporting Evanescence in Kyiv in front of 5.000 crazy Ukrainians, meeting our heroes afterward and realizing that they are the best people ever, so humble and down to earth…It was so inspiring to get the nod from people like Amy Lee, it lit a fire in our behinds to keep at it and become better and work harder…It was just surreal man!

Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
One time we played a show and our hotel canceled our accommodation for whatever reason so we ended up staying in a dude’s house who I swear to god ‘till this day I think he’s Dracula, Literally I saw that guy leave the room close the door and 3 seconds later he was behind me and scared the ever living shit out of me. Next thing we know he tells us “Don’t wake me up until the sun goes down and please do not go to the room right across from you”. So we go to sleep and I can’t crash cause I am scared shitless and the next thing I know a woman wearing a gagball dressed in full BDSM clothing comes out of the room across from us and steps in the shower. Instantly I jumped up and was like “Guys did you look at that!? What the hell is going on?” only to be answered by my bands very loud snoring!... Typical Greeks!

Your favourite records:
Korn- Untouchables
Limp Bizkit – Significant Other
Slipknot – Iowa
Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
Meshuggah – Obzen
Mick Gordon – Doom 2016/ Doom Eternal
Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine
Faith No More – Angel Dust
In This Moment – Black Widow
Evanescence – Fallen and Evanescence (2011)
Architects – For those that wish to exist
And that’s to name a few

A musician you would like to meet for a beer
Dan Searle of Architects… I think he is one of the most creative minds of the modern era.

What will you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth
I think we all have different answers for this but for me it’s a place to shower after the show… I get super sweaty, and it makes me very uncomfortable!


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