Luke Seymoup

Melbourne's Luke Seymoup wears many guises: Godfather of Punk'n'B, Badman, Ukulele Enthusiast, Herald of the Fourth Wave of Ska. He performed in Melbourne bands (including ) for over a decade before releasing his first solo record, in 2017.

Taking influence from both his background in Punk Rock and a passion for singer-songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Paul Kelly; Luke's songwriting covers everything from fast-paced Punk Rock to slow, somber ballads to rollicking Ska.

He followed up his debut release with two EPs in 2018 - 8 tracks of honest and raw ukulele music, a Ska-Punk concept album over 10 years in the making, and, a concept record combining Pop-Punk with Nintendo synthesizers. His latest release is, a split EP with produced during the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions in Australia, recorded and released from two separate states.

You'd probably like Luke Seymoup if you got to know him... You might not either but that's no reflection on the music he makes.

Giovanni Gagliano

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