One and a half Dog - Shine

Here to talk about One and a half Dog, a band from Norway, that released a new song called Shine.

The band said about the song: "Shine is a bit more complex composition than our previous songs and showcases how we like to blend elements from the 70s 80s and 90s into our songwriting and production. The theme of the song is quite spiritual. It`s about how you don't want to be buried in a far away graveyard among strangers when you die, but want your soul to be present among your loved ones on familiar grounds. The song starts off with a kind of prog-vibe and finishes with quite hard hitting choruses."

I can clearly hear lots of influences in this one as the intro reminds me of 80s Iron Maiden and the verses sound intense like the grunge era from the 90s. Give it a go on the player below.

One and a half Dog are:
Dag Aure - vocals
Morten Jensen - guitar
Lars Nielsen - guitar
Inge Lerstad - drums
Pål Akseth - bass
Giovanni Gagliano

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