Paul Bäcklin - Amber

Paul Bäcklin is an Indie / Alternative Rock artist born in Sweden who will release his first solo album called 'Something to Die to' on October 15th.

Paul describes his new single released last Friday: “Amber is a cry for help of sorts, and a warning of sorts. It’s a picture of someone who has gone too far down the broad and cowardly road of drinking, instead of addressing the parts of their life they can’t cope with. It is supposed to strike at the core of anyone’s relationship to alcohol, and make them think, or perhaps make them feel less lonely in their struggle.”

The song has a very special tempo and the sound quality of the recording is amazing. What I really liked about Amber in the uncertainty during the verses and the "relax" and open tempo during the choruses. Great the trumpets insert in the middle. 

Give it a go on the player below and support the artist if you like the song.

Giovanni Gagliano

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