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Since returning to Sweden from their packed shows at Iceland Airwaves, Reeperbahn Festival and JaJaJa in London in late 2019, just before the pandemic broke loose, the acclaimed dark wave duo Pink Milk have been working hard on finishing their second album Ultraviolet that will be released in the fall of 2021. To say that the follow-up is much-anticipated is an understatement: The debut ”Purple” was given the highest rating in Swedish music magazine GAFFA who called it ”a dazzling display of alternative rock music” and ”the best album in many years” while the British magazine The Independent called it ”one of the most consistently great post-punk albums of the year.” Pink Milk was also nominated for best rock/metal of the year in the prestigious Swedish national radio award P3 Gold, Album of the Year and Breakthrough of the Year in the Gaffa Prize.

The new album is displaying the same gloomy atmospheric reverb-filled echoing sound and enslaving melodies that Pink Milk have been known for, but there is also a new side to it – this time we hear inspiration from Asian traditional music and unusual instruments. Lyrically, it tells a series of intertwined stories like a dark comic album, meant to produce manga-like images in the listener's head.

”A devilish congregation of swirling shoegaze guitars, beats that shake the foundation of time, howling, windswept drones, and vocals laced with barbed wire” – The Line Of Best Fit

”A fluid, loose, almost drunken drawl that you can imagine playing in the background of one of those misty bar scenes in Twin Peaks” – Wonderland

”Purple as an album is a heady mix of everything that was right about shoegaze and stoner rock.” – Hear Me Raw

”Too loud, to the point of no return, burrowed beneath the sheer incessant noise is an almighty, fucked-up pop song” – DIY

”A remarkable, striking work” – Clash Magazine

”It sounds absolutely incredible!” – Kerrang! Radio


”If this wasn’t recorded in an aircraft hangar then we’ll be amazed. It’s suitably huge and dreamy but underneath the dense fog is a quality song.” – Shortlist

Here's their new song called Everything must die. Have a listen and follow the band if you like what you are hearing.

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