Poison Oak

Poison Oak is a North Queensland rock outfit made up of four members - James Balthes, Russell West, Ray Pearson and Grant Miles. Balthes and West met each other while working as High School teachers at the same school in Townsville, soon becoming friends. Both had previously played in bands throughout Australia, Balthes playing in Dunes, Jeremiah and Preachermen and Bacchanales. 

While Russell West had previously played in Kitty in the Well, (NSW). Both knew Ray Pearson as a mutual friend and the three began jamming and playing throughout mid-2019. Balthes brought songs to the group made up of melodic piano ballads, catchy rock riffs and soon, the group started to gel. Grant Miles joined the group, meeting through mutual friends, adding a dynamic hard-hitting style on drums. Miles previous had played for Brisbane artists Major General and Cavendish, ten years prior. Miles also working as a teacher at the local primary school, bringing about another layer of musical dynamic.

Here is the latest single of the band, called Losing Ourselves.

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