RAGE – Resurrection Day | Review 2021

Always very happy to talk about Peavy Wagner and his creature Rage, who changed its skin again with the newcomers Jean Bormann and Stefan Weber on guitar, replacing Marcos Rodriguez. Yes, 2 guitars instead of one, this time. I really liked Marcos, though, a great guitar player and fun to watch on stage. 

Resurrection day, the new album by the band, had two singles before its official launch, Virginity and Monetary gods. 

Below is my full (but short) opinion about the album. You let me know yours. Tracklist, as usual, after the video.

Memento Vitae (Overture)
Resurrection Day
A New Land
Arrogance And Ignorance
Man In Chains
The Age Of Reason
Monetary Gods
Mind Control
Traveling Through Time
Black Room
Extinction Overkill
Giovanni Gagliano

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