Robert Connely Farr

Singer-songwriter Robert Connely Farr grew up in the small southern town of Bolton, Mississippi, home of Charley Patton & The Mississippi Sheiks. He has been mentored in the Bentonia style of the Delta Blues by Jimmy “Duck” Holmes since 2017. His 2019 release Dirty South Blues was met with widespread critical acclaim, including being named one of KEXP's Top Albums of 2019 & earning Farr nominations at Canada's prestigious Maple Blues Awards for Songwriter of the Year & New Artist of the Year. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC but when he's home in Mississippi, he can be found at Jimmy "Duck" Holmes' historic juke joint - the Blue Front Cafe.

Country Supper (album pre-order singles) - Release Date Oct 17, 2020 - in 2019 as things were taking off with “Dirty South Blues” Farr was diagnosed with cancer & had to have emergency surgery - but not before they recorded in Vancouver at the heralded Hipposonic Studios (Little Mountain Studios ) - the album continues Farr's exploration into the sounds of his Mississippi home & the Bentonia / Hill Country Styles as mentored by Jimmy Duck Holmes.

Genre: jukejoint blues, indie rock, singer-songwriter, Americana, alt-country

Recent Press for "Country Supper"

"brilliant work... insightful lyrics & expert musicianship. ...a depth & authenticity we don't often find. A+" BLUES MUSIC FAN RADIO - DJ SASHA ALLARDYCE

" "Country Supper" is chocked full of badass tunes!" BLUES MUSIC FAN RADIO - DJ BEN VEES

"Farr... has a skill for blending the traditional w/ the modern world. He can conjure up both the brains & the brawn of Drive-By Truckers & the stripped down rough & ready spirit of masters such as Howlin’ Wolf or RL Burnside." POST TO WIRE

"great guitar work, downtrodden lyrics, and that sense of menace that all the best blues tracks thrive in."

"some of Mr. Connely’s hardest hitting stuff yet... gritty & dark... soothing & melodic... It’s Supper time for blues enthusiast of all shapes & sizes." BUCKY BROWN

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