So finally, the post covid blues are lifting and the music scene comes to life again. It was of course a killer that the day Sky Valley Mistress’ debut album ‘Faithless Rituals’ came out the country went into lockdown depriving us of seeing SVM’s incendiary live spectacle in the flesh.

However, that’s about to change.

Sky Valley Mistress are playing a very limited run of shows so you can all see ‘Faithless Rituals’ in yer face and in full effect.

Fri 24th September – Smithdown Festival – Liverpool
Sat 25th September – The Gathering Sounds – Stockton On Tees
Sun 3rd October – Darwen Live – Darwen
Sat 9th October – The Black Heart – London

Full details and tickets available from:

To kick off their live adventure, the band have dropped the new video for ‘She Is So’ taken from their debut 'Faithless Rituals’ released last year on New Heavy Sounds.

Not only that, like all of rock and roll's finest and fashionable, Sky Valley Mistress understand that you can't just sound like Lenny Kravitz's leather boots struttin' on the sidewalk, you've gotta make sure the visual action is gonna give people some satisfaction too. Lucky for you, Sky Valley Mistress are here to turn the key between your eyes and take your retinas for a ride with a brand new video for ‘She Is So’:

Over to Max from SVM for the lowdown.

"I ain't heard a single word her lips have said but they've made me wanna taste that shade of Russian Red" may give the illusion this could be just another song about lusting for a female but this video shows that everything you may see ain't always what it seems. There might be a narrative the viewer wants to be true but it isn't their choice what other people want to do. Your appearance can be your power. What you wear is not an invitation, it's a threat.

Everyone's seen a music video where there are 4 guys playing in a band and the girls are there to look good around them and there ain't anything wrong with that, there's just a lot of them. That's why Sky Valley Mistress didn't want to flip that on it's head but tilt their own and say, "well, what if?".

Discussing whether there was a message behind the video at Maxwell Harvey William Newsome III's velvet mansion, Max replied,

"The point of this video is, dress what you want, do what you want and if you look as good as you sound doing it, who gives a shit if someone gets mad? If anyone wants to say that ain't rock and roll, they can go and ask Bowie what he was doing, not me.”

Well we may not be able to ask Dave, so check out the video for yourselves.

For ‘Faithless Rituals’, Sky Valley Mistress spent 10 days recording at Dave Catching’s Rancho de la Luna studio in California, hanging out with the like’s of Hutch (QOTSA’s ex sound man), Bingo (Mojave Lords), Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), Peaches and Arctic Monkeys who also dropped by during the stay.

Order ‘Faithless Rituals’ now:
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A highly recommended pile-driving debut- CLASSIC ROCK

‘Faithless Rituals is one of the strongest debut albums of 2020. It’s slick, confident, utterly cool and a thrill to listen to. Turn it up loud! 9/10’ - DISTORTED SOUND

'Hendrix style riffage with Zep dynamics. Defiant bluesy hard rock with a spikey attitude and casual arrogance’ - Louder Than War

Sky Valley Mistress are:
Kayley “Hell Kitten” Davies - Vocals
Sean “Starsky’ Berry - Guitar
Russell “Russell” Russell - Bass
Maxwell Harvey William Newsome III - Drums
Giovanni Gagliano

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