tiLLie Hell Yeah!

tiLLie is a new American artist who just released the new single Hell Yeah!

The artist: said about the song: "Hell Yeah" is a little sarcastic, a little earnest, a little tiLLie. Pairing twisting beats with languid, anguished vocals, "Hell Yeah" gets straight to the point - getting a "W" can still be annoying as hell. In pure alt-rock form, tiLLie rebuts, "I got to find happiness in the fact I didn't die today?" 

And also: "I'd been listening to a lot to Blur, The Prodigy, and old UK garage stuff; so I found myself digging through breakbeat drum samples when I came across the one that became the basis for “Hell Yeah”. I threw it in Ableton and tracked this gnarly-sounding bass line. When I brought the track to my buddy Devon to finish, we tried re-tracking it but ultimately the energy was in the original take so it stayed. Lyrically, “Hell Ya” touches on the frustration I think a lot of my friends and I have been feeling. It speaks to how the pandemic simplified the ways in which I gauged whether or not I had a good day - did I make it through without having a mental break down and am I still alive? Which is equally humbling and incredibly depressing so I channeled all those paradoxical feelings and pent-up energy into this song."

Give the new song a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the artist.

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