Top 5 moments of Senjutsu - Iron Maiden


Here we are with my personal top 5 moments of Senjutsu, Iron Maiden, of course.

I used to do these videos back in the day when I started the YouTube channel, something like 7 years ago. With Senjuts I got my "inspiration" back and maybe I will start again the series if you appreciate it.   

Anyway, here are my favourite moments of Iron Maiden - Senjutsu, but I am very curious to hear your ones.

Disc one:
01. Senjutsu
02. Stratego
03. The Writing on the Wall
04. Lost In A Lost World
05. Days Of Future Past
06. The Time Machine

Disc two:
01. Darkest Hour
02. Death Of The Celts
03. The Parchment
04. Hell On Earth

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