Ultraviolet - Smoke Stack Rhino

Escape the pandemic with Smoke Stack Rhino on surfy psych-blues journey song ‘Ultraviolet’

Imagine for a moment you can leave the last 18 months behind and take that summer road trip you’ve been dreaming of.

If you close your eyes, take a breath and deep dive into ‘Ultraviolet’, the new song from Australian blues rock band Smoke Stack Rhino, you might just go there.

‘Ultraviolet’ is a trippy 7-and-a-half minute journey of 70s-inspired musical fusion. There’s wide surfy grooves in there, upbeat psych-rock, extended funkadelic jams reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Lick makes an appearance, popping up like a jazz easter egg - we won’t tell you when, but just keep an ear out!

For a band taking inspiration from legendary blues vamp ‘Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf, it’s no surprise Smoke Stack Rhino’s bluesy-ness is never far away, with overdriven harmonica surfing along on top ala King Gizzard. There’s a lot going on overall, it’s a complex picture, like the images of Australia painted in the lyrics.

According to singer-guitarist Ash King, “the song took bloody ages to come together, around 2 years and about 50 drafts of the lyrics! There were so many things I was trying to get across, like an attempt to sketch the different things happening in Australia, right now…”

Ultraviolet may just be the escape we all need right now. Go on the journey.

Give this super interesting Ultraviolet by Smoke Stack Rhino a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the artist.

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