Vessel - Shape Of The Devil

Vessel emerged back in early 2018 as an idea to cover their greatest influences, and soon after they decided to just play their own material. Vessel is formed by: Bruno Passy (vocals) from the depths of Brazil; Ariel Maman (guitars) from the hot lands of Spain; Mark “Deadfish” Preis (bass) from southern Brazil; and last but not least, Mor Harpazi (drums) from the desert of Israel. 

One could describe Vessel’s genre as Hard Rock or even old-school Heavy Metal. But it is simply a combination of attitude and passion for Rock N Roll - Behind The Walls is out NOW under Golden Robot Records label.

What I like about Shape of the devil is the attitude and various contaminations, from Heavy Metal to Hard rock with Blues and Southern spirit too. It is something like Black Sabbath (Ronnie James Dio sra) mixed with some Slash's projects). I like the structure of the song, the vocals and the guitar solo as well.

Shape of the devil is highly recommended, you can give it a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the band.

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