The common musical history of the two friends that comprise Wolftananzug has its origins long before Hannes joined Bleach and Chlorine, a Gothic-Rock Band that was founded by Markus. But it was here that the two learned to work together in a more structured and professional manner and recognized that they were able to best realize their song ideas when working as a duo, combining their strengths but also their weaknesses. Being musically creative together has since been an integral part of their friendship.

When Bleach & Chlorine decided to part ways in 2012, Markus and Hannes had already come to the conclusion that they weren‘t interested in the compromises that come with having a full band of five people or more. Their ideas about art and music had always been a little weird, a little off and rooted in their own little grotesque cosmos. A cosmos that is best navigated with a person at your side that you trust and understand blindly. Thus, Wolftananzug was born. A project that started more as a platform for improvisation, jam-sessions, private scene-parties, weird art and strange performances was turned into a band.

The band's sound is versatile and not limited to the usual preconceptions one might have of a duo. Hannes guitars range from wild to soothing, from ecstatic to profound and his Loop-Station enables him to emulate an entire band. Markus' vocals go from manic to melancholic and from angry and rough to relaxed and quiet in an instant. “Blues, Folk, Rock, a heavy dose of Post-Punk and a bit of theatre music“- a mixture that results in a brand of experimental Rock that is unconventional and spontaneous, enabling the duo to transform their music into whatever it needs to be for them to express the ideas they are amused or obsessed by.

Wolftananzug are heavily rooted in M√ľnster‘s art scene which led to Martina Pott, Markus‘ wife, being the invisible third member of the band. Martina is an artist by trade, working in mixed media, graphic design, painting, photography, film and stage set design. Using her long experience in all these fields, she is responsible for all the visual aspects of Wolftananzug‘s grotesque little universe, transforming the music into something you can see and touch.

Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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