Erik Findling - Shut Me Out (review)

Erik Findling was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. 
He started playing with his band at an early age in renowned Chicago venues such as The Double Door, Hard Rock Café and Subterranean, where he was noticed by a very famous music producer, Sean O’Keefe, famous for his work with Fall Out Boy. 
After this experience, Erik began to compose original music and we are here to talk about his second EP called Shut me out, his second one after Betrayal, year 2018.

Shut me out consists of 5 songs for almost 18 minutes of music, starting with the title track: a great pure 80s Hard Rock riff that is the motive of the songs even in the chorus, very memorable and that probably will stick in your head after you finish the song. There is a very good guitar solo as well on this one. Disrepair is the second track, again from an old-fashioned hard rock riff, this time reminding of the 70s. Friend in the devil is the longest track of the EP and this time it's a ballad with very good vocals (and backing vocals as well, very well made). 

Concede the night starts with another great Rock N' Roll/bluesy riff and this is probably what I like the most of the music of Erik: the riffing and, in general, all the guitars sound always very inspired, not only when the instrument is in the spotlight but even during the song, behind the vocals. Oh, almost forgot, this one is probably my favourite track on this EP. No one ever knows closes this work with some different pop vibes but never forgetting great guitar parts, including a great solo towards the end of the song.

Shut me out features a blend of Hard Rock, Blues and Pop, but it sounds modern too, with very inspired guitar parts. You can follow Eric Findling through these links below and give the EP a go by clicking on the Spotify player.
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