FEMEGADES - Pornsick EP (Review)

Femegades is a London (UK) based punk/grunge/indie band formed in 2020 and here we are to talk about their new EP called Pornsick, with a very good looking vintage cover you can see above. 

The EP consists of 5 songs for 15 minutes of music with lyrics playing an important role, covering sensitive themes like sexual violence. 

The opening track is the title track where the band shows its Punk Rock attitude with energetic guitars and drums but also with clean vocals and deep lyrics. Safe Sex is the second track with very good verses and great riffing in the second part of the song. The shortest song is the following, track number 3 called World Turning with and old-style riffing reminding me of Ramones. Great drumming and something reminding of NWOBHM at the beginning of Stealing Numbers followed by an intense and powerful bass line. Very good chorus as well on this one, which is probably my favourite track of the EP. The closing track is Leash, which is another pure Punk Rock tune and it closes the EP with big energy, great riffing and, once again, intense lyrics.

If you are into Punk Rock with female vocals and meaningful lyrics, give Femegades a go on the player below and follow the band through these links.
Giovanni Gagliano

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