Interview: Weak Tyrant

Weak Tyrant is a freshly formed five-piece band from Bern/Switzerland. 
Vocals are clean and riffs are more melodic. Nevertheless, emotions breakthrough and intensity comes first – it’s simply a different musical language. 

- Hi guys and welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release.
We just published our first EP “To Be Pure” with four tracks via Klang Wang Records and are very excited to have our first music out now.

- How would you describe your sound?
WEAK TYRANT is stylistically located somewhere between emo-pop-punk, indie rock and post-hardcore.

- What do you write about?
The band tells everyday stories as they concern all of us. We write about the search for meaning, the state of enduring oneself, about human needs and also progress and setback of human development.

- What do you listen to when you are home?
We all like 90ies-Emo, Punk and Post-Hardcore Bands. We made a Spotify Artist Playlist where you can find for example: JIMMY EAT WORLD, BASEMENT, TITLE FIGHT, but also PEARL JAM, BOYSETSFIRE and HOT WATER MUSIC.

- Your favourite live performance so far?
Because of the pandemic situation we never played live so far. We are also writing more material at the moment.

- Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
We decided for recordings during Covid-19 time so our guitarist √Ądu was able to record his riffs at home. It worked out very well but unfortunately he also recorded the noise of the metronome on his tracks so he had to re-record everything again. But it turned out even better in the end.

- Your favourite albums?
We're listening right now: “Much Love” from MICROWAVE. A banger and big inspiration for us.

- A musician you would like to meet for a beer?
Kurt Cobain.

- What would you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth?
Warm, healthy, vegan/vegetarian food would be nice.

- What are your plans for the next future?
We want to be ready to play shows in spring 2022 to get our music out to the people. But we also want to get back into the studio next year, probably record a second EP. One thing after the other.
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