KAHFA takes shape in Delémont (Jura, Switzerland) in the summer of 2020. 

Active in a Punk Rock band, Claudio (drums) and Théo (guitar and vocals) set off in search of new sounds. Wishing to break away from labels, the two friends set to work to explore other musical universes. Wildly rock, sometimes stoner, sometimes punk, even industrial or hip hop, the tracks follow one another shamelessly while bringing us back to the essential. 

What I like about the song Artifice is mainly the sound: aggressive with a killer and contagious riff in between stoner and grunge. The drumming is great as well, especially in the second part of the song, when the main riff calms down a little bit and during the final storm.

Artifice is very recommended, you can give it a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the artist.


This is the previous single by KAHFA called En eaux troubles, which is very different from the song above but still with a robust riff, great drumming and great attitude. 
There is a very nice videoclip of the song as well. Click below to watch it and don't forget to support the band.

Giovanni Gagliano

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