Keeley - Brave Warrior

Keeley is a Dublin-based Psychedelic Dreampop artist now signed to UK Indie label Dimple Discs.
The artist has recently released a brand new EP called Brave Warrior which contains 4 new songs.

This is a concept EP regarding the case of Inga Maria Hauser, who was murdered in 1988. Keeley has been writing about her unsolved case since 2016 on her blog, The Keeley Chronicles (click on the link if you want to know more).

Talking about music, the first song on Brave Warrior is The glitter and the glue, very enjoyable and with very good guitars. Great choice as an opener and maybe my favourite on the EP. A little different in the mood is the following Last words that reminds me of something of old R.E.M, especially in the vocals. Never here always there can be fully described as a Dreampop song and it's again very different from what we listened to until now, especially on the drums parts. You never made it that far is the closing track of this short EP (4 tracks for around 12 minutes of music) and, musically, the keyboards/piano is the main element of the song. The vocal melody and all the effects remind me here of something by The Beatles, this time.

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