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Welcome to the first episode of "New Talents" where I'm going to highlight some new succulent releases from new talented bands or solo artists. The music you find on this page will be as well on the Spotify playlist "new talents" here below. Follow it if you want to discover and keep up to date with new bands and new music. Selected by Given To Rock, of course.

LASZLO JONES - Out of My head

Laszlo Jones is going to release the New EP called Beyond the Door On November the 5th, 2021.
Laszlo said about the new release: "Creating this EP was an incredible musical and human adventure, with no rules, no constraints, only music music music."

What you can find below is the new single, called Out Of My head
The song starts with an organ, followed by a catchy verse, where you can immediately notice the very good quality of the vocals. The highlight of the song for me is the chorus, something that brings me back to the 80s. I'm sure it will get stuck in your head. Very interesting the bridge as well in the second part of the song, which is amazingly made.
Give Out of my head a go on the player below and don't forget to follow Laszlo if you like the song. There is also the option of the videoclip you can watch by clicking here, very well made too. Also, follow the artist through the links below.

SHIRAGIRL - Antisocial Media

Shiragirl is an artist who raised money for girls' charities, shot a live video at the Women's March, and who pushed hard and effectively for gender equality throughout the music industry. Antisocial media, her latest single, talks about the digital dystopia we've created and extends the critique she began on the trenchant Andi Underground (produced by Tim Armstrong of Rancid).

What I like about Antisocial media is, first of all, the message of the song as I think as well the "social" stuff has gone too far, creating fake reality. Talking about the music, the first thing I was impressed with about the song was the quality of the recording: the sound is clear, modern but very punchy as well. The production is perfect: great vocals as well with very well made backing vocals and some really good guitar parts as well.
There is a super nice video clip as well, vision is absolutely recommended by clicking on this link.

DEATH OF DEATH - Fire In The Sky

Death of death is a new band formed by Vinny Piana (guitars, vocals, synth) & Ben Jasper (bass). They are assisted by Baz Combes on drums and they are set to release one song per month. 

Fire in the sky has a slow start and what I immediately like is the contrast between the music and the videoclip (click on this link to watch it), very atmospherical. I really like the musical arrangement and the sound of the instruments: guitars, piano, synths and drums perfectly blend together. Vocals are good too with a good chorus and good backing vocals as well. My favourite thing about the song is the piano, especially the solo section in the middle of the song, right after the guitar solo. 
Give Fire in the sky a go on the player below and don't forget to follow and support the band through the links below.

REDSIX - Yorkie

REDSIX is a rock band based in Jakarta, Indonesia, formed early 2017.
The band members are Denny (vocalist), Kevin (guitar), Wicak (guitar), Risma (drums) and Ipang (bass) and the genre played goes from punk to emo, then alternative and 70s & 80s pop music.

The first thing you notice listening to the song Yorkie is the amount of contamination their music has (as you can see from the description above). Drums go on fully prog with strange tempo, the guitars have an aggressive sound and the vocals are "alternative" style, very well made with lots of details on backing vocals. The sound of the song is impressive as well as the performance of the band, very technical. To have a full experience I recommend watching the video, which is longer than the song and almost a mini horror/thriller film, you can watch it by clicking it here. Alternatively, click play on the player below and support the band if you like the song.
Love, Lies and Fiction are a melodic pop-rock group from South Florida. 
The band formed in a very funny and casual way: when vocalist Eric Jackson had two unlikely yet fateful encounters with Ricky Sanders, the second one where Jackson was singing along to a music video in the TV aisle. Sanders didn’t let the second opportunity pass him by: he invited Jackson to form a band with him. Jackson accepted, and the result of that is Love, Lies and Fiction, after they added Lu Rubino on guitar, bass, and keyboards.

What I liked immediately after the first seconds of Dream away the lonely, was the atmosphere and the delicate sounds of the acoustic guitars mixed with the two voices combined together. 
The vocal harmonizations are, in my opinion, the best thing about the song, very precise and beautifully made. There is also a short but sweet electric guitar solo in the middle of the song. 
If you like acoustic songs, give it a go clicking on the player below and take a look at the band's website.


Catching arrows is an original Female-fronted band based in Boston and playing music contaminated with indie rock, classic rock & pop. The band is formed by three boys and one girl - 15 to 18 years old: Ava Gaudin, Cameron Fox, Cameron Hebert and Nick Yee.

On August 2021, Locked In was selected as the winning song on weekly John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The song starts with a great arpeggio and a rock sounding guitar, followed by the voice of Ava, coming in straight away. The catchier aspect of the song is definitely the chorus, which reminds me for some reason of something the 90s but it sounds at the same time very modern as well. The song is very well played and very well recorded by all the young members of the band. They can have a great future, even considering the very young age. Give it a go by clicking on the player below.

JASPER SCHALKS - Dancing on a Wire

Jasper Schalks is a talented young Dutch singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Amsterdam. Jasper describes his music as Americana in its purest form and this fall, Jasper & the band will release their debut album called Stand This Storm, recorded in Amsterdam's Electric Monkey. These things shall pass was the name of his first EP, back in 2018.

Dancing on a wire is the third single of the young artist and it is a totally relaxed song with beautiful melodies and very good vocals. As the artist writes about him, his music is nothing new, it's not pretentious at all but if you are looking for relaxing vibes, this song will absolutely work for you thanks to good songwriting, impeccable recording and warm instruments like organ and guitars perfectly blend together. Give the song a go by clicking on the song below and follow the artist through the links to keep you up to date with his music. 
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