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Here for another episode of "New Talents" where I'm going to highlight some new succulent releases from new talented bands or solo artists. The music you find on this page will be as well on the Spotify playlist "new talents" here below. Follow it if you want to discover and keep up to date with new bands and new music. Selected by Given To Rock, of course.

is a Rock band from Phoenix, AZ, consisting of fierce femme firecracker vocalist/songwriter Jordan White, guitarist Brian Dellis and bassist Big B. The band blends dynamic modern rock with 90’s alt and a twist of punk attitude, inspired by artists like Pat Benatar, Soundgarden and P!NK.

Ain't No Other Way is their new single and it starts with an energetic guitar riff followed by clean old-style vocals performed by the vocalist Jordan. The song sounds powerful but melodic at the same time and it's got a very catchy chorus that probably will stick in your head after finishing the song. Very good is the powerful bridge section in the second part of the song, and a good ending as well with some "uh uh uh" reminding me of a young Eddie Vedder.

There is a very nice videoclip of the song on YouTube you can watch by clicking on this link, if you prefer the video option, otherwise give the Spotify player a go and don't forget to follow the band if you like what you hear.

is a high voltage rock band from Bergen, Norway, influenced by bands like Wolfmother, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. The band is formed by PV Staff and Olav Iversen on vocals, Marius Mørch on guitars, Einride Torvik on bass and Tor Bjarne Bjelland on drums.

The band has released three singles and one EP this year. Sun is the name of their single we are listening today, starting with a double kick drum intro and super high energy guitars and vocals as well. Everything works perfectly in the song, the double vocals, the punchy and memorable chorus, the sound and the attitude of the band. Great is the guitar break in the middle of the song followed by a great solo. I can hear some Black Sabbath influences in there. If you like the genre, I bet you want to listen to Sun again after it's over. A superb song, give it a go on the player below and follow this guys!

GUARDRAIL defines itself as the world's first Diet Punk band. Not really punk and also not really pop, just a combination of those things that use Splenda instead of real sugar. They add: "until you get used to us, we're going to leave a bad taste in your mouth".

Social meteor is the name of their new single: a very nice and energetic riff starts the song followed by some great hi-energy and very precise drumming. The sound is impeccable, absolutely spot on. Vocals are great too with lots of details on backing vocals as well and a good and memorable chorus. The song is short but sweet, and it's got everything to be appreciated. If you like the "diet punk" genre I'm sure you will love it. 

There is also a very well-made videoclip you can watch by clicking here. Here below the Spotify link, don't forget to follow the band if you like the song. 

QUANTUM's description is very deep and I like it so much that I have to share it without changing a word:  "Because music is more than just sounds. Because music creates emotions. Because emotions keep us alive. We love life. With all its highs and lows. Always fueled by music. Let us push our limits. Let us go beyond. Together. Everyone is welcome."

Their music is very intense and full of different contaminations. LIVE! starts straightaway with an intense chorus going to a more relaxed verse with melodic vocals and great drumming. If I have to pick up just one thing about the song, I would definitely choose the drumming, with an amazing sound and always very interesting solutions. The song changes again somewhere in the middle and the band shows (again) a different skin before going back to the initial chorus.
The song has an impressive production and a very well made videoclip you can watch by clicking here. Below is the Spotify link as well. Don't forget to follow the band if you like the song.

CHASING SHADOWS is a four-piece indie rock band from North Wales. 
In the discography of the band, there is a full length called Alive in Wonderland (2016) and two EPs, Darker days and Runaway. Bullets is the name of the new single by the band.

The song starts with a nice sounding guitar, with drums entering straight after with a mini-fill the way you probably don't expect. The vocals start almost straight away after that, and the song becomes more "canonical" with nice-sounding and radio-friendly verses (production is cristal clear and the cowbell sounds like a nice touch!). My favourite part of the song is the chorus, starting after a small crescendo, very memorable and very inspired. The song is short and sweet and it will easily get stuck in your head. Give bullets a virtual spin on the player below and don't forget to follow and support the band if you like their music.

RIHARDS LIEBETIS is a Latvian musician and music author, who regularly performs and collaborates with a lot of well established Latvian artists and bands. Rihards has produced and self-released all 3 RL Orchestra albums and writes music for theatre plays, some of which have been very critically acclaimed. 

Transcending Parallels is the name of his new single, entirely instrumental that starts with a fading in and great drumming. After a minute, a jazzy technical guitar part starts the distorted section where, again, the drumming leads the song. Great signature tempo riff after two minutes and then going back to where everything started. The song is very interesting, perfectly executed, with a great sound and very brief and easy to remember, compared to lots of instrumental songs of our era, if you follow the genre. Give it a go on the player below and follow the artists if you like what you hear.

THE INFINITY PROCESS is a band formed back in 2014. Members are Kimberly Tingley (vocals), Jason Tingley (guitar/bass) and Brent Gfell (drums). They have shared the stage with acts such as Sponge, Helmet, and We are Harlot.

Sinister is the name of their new single starting with a super heavy tasty guitar riff and the voice of Kimberly breaking the heavy atmosphere with melodic and technical vocals. After the chorus there is an interesting break in the middle with a melodic guitar following and - sort of dubbing - the vocals before the initial riff shows up again. If you like Heavy metal with female and melodic vocals, give the song a go and follow the band if you like what you hear. There is also a very well made videoclip you can watch by clicking this link

CRAVER presents itself with this straightforward description - I like it so much that I won't change it: It goes like this: "This is about craving. This is about trad Heavy Metal. This is CRAVER." Easy and straightforward, isn't it?

Let's talk about their new song, now, called Sign Of The Circle. The single starts with a high-energy riff followed by some great drumming. Everything can be described simply as New wave of British heavy metal (music to my ears!). It's great to hear some new music from new bands with that style. Good vocals on both verse and chorus, with the voice of the singer fitting perfectly the song. Of course, as a good tradition of that style, there are some great guitar solos in the second part and lots of little tasty details. If you (like me) like Heavy metal from the early 80s, click on the player below without thinking too much and don't forget to follow the band as well.

ALEXIS JOINER is an acoustic singer-songwriter with roots in Folk, Rock, and Blues and who has just released a full length called Angel energy, out on the 10th of October on all digital platforms. 

Little Flowers (Blues Meditation) is the name of the first single of the album that starts with a simple arpeggio on an acoustic guitar followed by the voice of Alexis. The mood is very calm and the drums get in after a bit, giving a little more dynamic to the song. There is a very nice break in the middle with a little guitar solo, very well played that maintained the relaxing mood of the song. That's what I like mainly about Little flowers, the relaxing mood and the calming voice of Alexis guiding the listener until the last "breathe it in, breathe it out". 
Have a listen to the song through the player below and don't forget to support the artist if you like what you hear.

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