October 2021 Playlist

Hi guys! Here for a selection of new good quality music you may like.

Have a listen to these tracks below and please follow and share the band/artist on Spotify if you like what you hear. 

Trapt - Drop Your Guard

Mrs. Henry - Bye, Bye, Baby  
Blinded By Hope - The Fool  
 Thanasis Kaldis - Remedy  
 Glowing Moses - The Fix  
 Talking With Mountains - Cult
American Vampire - Heal  
with Bravado - Catacomb

Capital Theatre - Long Way to Fall

Shoe - Sometimes  
 100 Watt Shine - Don't That Beat All  
 Shreyas and The Skinners - My My  
 Misanthropes - Gourmet for cretins (Full album)  
 The Guitar Whiskey Club - Rebel Fire

The Garden - Ed Prosek
We All Burn - The Soul Exchange  
High Time - Little Triggers  
Silver Round Bullet - Wild the Coyote

Jason Matu - Fare thee weel  
A Days Wait - Cycles  
Artifas - Leave Me For Dead

The Mooks - Looking Back  
Stereonaut - Driver  
Mia Morris - Melodramatic  
Dropping Ugly  Fawn Lake Girls  
Curse - Mind  
Alberta and the dead eyes - Lil Bird

Moon Man - Ultraviolet Communication  
No waiting - Run  
The High 70s - Manipulation  
Lightleak - "B.I.D.S.I.U."  
JD Casper - Sink Like a Stone  
Belle Roscoe - Soho Shoes  
The Anix - ANTILIFE (feat. Amir Derakh)  
mehro - howling  
High Street - Bad Blood

Colored Surge - OPEN YOUR EYES  
Cold Culprits - Light It Up  
Michael Gallagher - Fallen  
Katie O'Malley - Devils Got a Hold  
The Shirts and Shoes- Something to Chase  
Zoe Zobrist - Oh Baby  
The Wonderful Nobodies - You Wonder  
Rocket Signs - Arriving  
Mike Coykendall - I Don't Know  
Noise Blossom - Noise And Sound  
Molly Hanmer, The Midnight Tokers - Hard Day's Work  
Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats - End Of The World  
Jordan Carr - The Never Ending Sitcom  
GRAACE - Sentimental  
Ships Have Sailed - Love in October  
Lost in Majority - Joker (Radio Edit)  
SAVEN - Creepy Crawly  
 Tim Reynolds x Nikki Glaspie - Guardian Angels

everBear - Sprout Through Concrete  
Liz Jones and Broken Windows - Before me  
America Jayne - Souvenirs  
Tee Cad - Situation  
Souls Extolled - The Crucible  
Charlotte Sands - Every Guy Ever  
Three Horse Company - The Professor (Radio Edit)  
Jane N' The Jungle - Ain't No Other Way  
DB Stewart x Deify - My Story (feat. Deify)  
Joemayk - Hidden  
Just a Ride - Start over  
Long time man - Big Cat Heart  
Leopard Rays - Carried Away  
Mikey Barla V - Bunker  
All The Queen's Horses - Fuck The Night  
Hollow Hill - Tube Sock  
Mesmeriser - Broker Of Sin  
Harry Nichols - Molly the Conqueror  
Paige Shannon - The Deep End
Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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