EUROPE - Hold Your Head Up (Official Video)

October playlist #2 Wild giants / Penny was right / Blossom cult / Testarossa / Qwiet Type / The Others Are Dead, Steve / Fredrik Pihl / Ashli Tiffani / The Bare Minimum / Neon Night

Hi guys! Here for another selection of new good quality music you may like.

Have a listen to these great new tracks below (selected by Given to rock, of course) and don't forget to follow and share the band/artist if you like what you hear.  

The Bare Minimum - Woah  
Ashli Tiffani - Bite Back (XXXtra Dirty)  
Fredrik Pihl - Echoes of Time

The Others Are Dead, Steve - Ditches  
Qwiet Type - Uninvited

Testarossa - Son of a Bitch
Blossom Cult - State of Masks

Dreams - Neon Night  
Penny Was Right - Happy Machine

Wild Giants - Why Aren't We Freaking Out?