PARALINE — Apocalypse Now

Paraline is four young men at the peak of their game: three Guitars, Two Drum Sets and Synths. 
Met long before started to make music together. Grew into musicianship following the band's leader and songwriter, Light Andersen. Paraline’s music is influenced by the state of decay of modern culture. And music-wise, by Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails.

Band’s philosophy is built on faith in a chosen path, willpower, independence, and standing by own’s principles. Through their performances within the last two years crafted a meticulous show with real blood, sweat, and ash. The result was the judge on one of the festivals called the band "summoning World War Three".

Over the years created their own music and video production, grooming their own cinematographers, editors, and stage technicians from associates. Paraline’s second music video, Apocalypse Now was filmed at various abandoned Soviet military facilities.

What I like about the song is the delicate but creepy intro breaking into Type o' negative (or Nine inch nails, if you prefer) mood, when all the members of the band join in. Very good sound, great drumming, very memorable and catchy synth parts, good vocals. The song has a very professional and enjoyable videoclip as well.

You can give Apocalypse now a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the band through the links below.

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