Pearl Jam - Lost dogs (Video Review)

lost gods

Today I'm here to talk about a B-sides/outtakes compilation. 
Lost dogs by Pearl Jam doesn't sound that appealing if presented this way, I know. But the story and the result are very different, considering the inspiration of the band during the first 10 years of their career and most of these b-sides are actually amazing songs.

Anyway, here below there is the video with my opinion and an overview of the album. 
Detailed tracklist after the video, with a brief explanation of every song. Don't forget to let me know what you think about Lost dogs!


All Night - No Code outtake

Sad - Binaural outtake

Down - I Am Mine B side

Hitchhiker -  Binaural outtake

Don't Gimme No Lip - No Code outtake, Stone Gossard singing

Alone - Song from the Ten era

In The Moonlight - Binaural outtake

Education - Unreleased song, Binaural outtake

Black, Red, Yellow - B side, Hail hail single

You - Wishlist B side

Leaving Here - High Numbers cover

Gremmie Out of Control - Jimmy Haskell cover

Undone - Originally released as the b-side of the single I Am Mine

Hold On - Vs outtake

Yellow Ledbetter - Jeremy b-side (This one is a different version)


Fatal - Binaural outtake

Other Side - Save You B-side

Hard to Imagine - Vs Outtake

Footsteps - Jeremy B-side

Wash - Song from the Ten era

Dead Man - Off He Goes b-side

Strangest Tribe - Ten Club Christmas single, 1999

Drifting - Ten Club Christmas single, 1999

Let Me Sleep - Ten Club Christmas single, 1991

Last Kiss - Cover by Wayne Cochran

Sweet Lew - An outtake from Yield, Jeff Ament on vocals

Dirty Frank - Even Flow B side 

Brother - Outtake from the Ten era

Bee Girl -Unreleased song, recorded by Eddie Vedder with Jeff Ament on October 18, 1993, during an appearance on Rockline radio.

4/20/2002 - A hidden track recorded by Eddie Vedder during the Riot Act sessions and dedicated to Layne Staley, Alice in Chains
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