PFM i Dreamed of electric sheeps

I think PFM needs no introduction, especially if you are Italian like me. 
When we think of some "Italian good music" and we have to mention a few names, PFM is always on the list. And the name has been there for ages, considering that the first album of the band is dated 1972.

Today we talk about their latest album, "I dreamed of electric sheep", out in a double Italian/English version. The title of the Italian one is the exact translation "ho sognato pecore elettriche" and, of course, the two versions are sung in a different language (and sometimes have different titles too, both tracklists are at the bottom of the page).

The band talked about the difficult process of the album: "The making of this album was - not surprisingly - heavily influenced by the situation everyone was facing. We were forced to work under very peculiar circumstances, our studio activities often interrupted because of the lockdown. Thus, being unable to keep to our schedule as we intended. The whole process took approximately one year spent mostly working at home, sharing ideas and meeting at Patrick’s home studio, before finally being able to record the album at White Studios."

The album starts with World beyond, a pure prog instrumental track: great guitars/keyboards and crazy tempo. The mastermind Franz Di Cioccio and Marco Sfogli present the album in the better way possible. More relaxed is the beginning of Adrenaline Oasis, (becoming frantic in the second part) and the whole Let go. Prog Rock atmosphere returning fully in City Life, probably one of my favourite tracks of the album. Patrick Djivas starts the "almost" title track Black Sheep with a great funky riff on bass, followed by very inspired riffs.

Another highlight of the album (at least for me) is Daily Heroes, with lots of ideas, variety and very good vocals as well. Kindred soul is the longest track on the album with amazing instrumental parts and the enormous presence of two top players like Steve Hackett on guitar and Ian Anderson playing his flute. This one is maybe the highlight of the album, ending with Transhumance and Transhumance Jam, two amazing moments of pure Progressive Rock. I prefer the second part of the album, very inspired and with more pure Prog Rock atmospheres.

I dreamed of Electric Sheep is definitely quality music you expect from an enormous band like Premiata Forneria Marconi, and you can choose between the Italian and the English version too. If I have to pick up one, I would probably go for the English one as, even if Di Cioccio is of course more comfortable with his mother tongue, English for me is always right when it comes to Rock music. But good music sounds good in any language, of course. Give it a go.

Rating 72/100
Top tracks: City Life, Kindred soul, Transhumance Jam.

“I Dreamed of Electric Sheep”:
1. Worlds Beyond (English version) (03:19)
2. Adrenaline Oasis (English version) (04:53)
3. Let Go (English version) (04:06)
4. City Life (English version) (05:01)
5. If I Had Wings (English version) (04:23)
6. Electric Sheep (English version) (04:09)
7. Daily Heroes (English version) (03:48)
8. Kindred Souls (English version) (06:19)
9. Transhumance (English version) (01:07)
10. Transhumance Jam (English version) (03:39)
“Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche”
1. Mondi Paralleli (Italian version) (03:19)
2. Umani Alieni (Italian version) (04:53)
3. Ombre Amiche (Italian version) (04:06)
4. La Grande Corsa (Italian version) (05:01)
5. AtmoSpace (Italian version) (04:23)
6. Pecore Elettriche (Italian version) (04:09)
7. Mr. Non Lo So (Italian version) (03:48)
8. Il Respiro Del Tempo (Italian version) (06:19)
9. Transumanza (Italian version) (01:07)
10. Transumanza Jam (Italian version) (03:39)

Franz Di Cioccio - Lead vocal, Drum
Patrick Djivas - Bass, Keyboards
Marco Sfogli - Electric and Acustic Guitar
Lucio Fabbri - Violin, Viola
Alessandro Scaglione - Keyboards, Piano
Alberto Bravin - Keyboards, Acustic Guitar, Back vocal

Special guests:
Ian Anderson - Flute
Steve Hackett - Electric Guitar
Flavio Premoli - Mini Moog
Luca Zabbini - Hammond Organ, Piano, Mini Moog

PFM online:
Giovanni Gagliano

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