Psychic Equalizer - Lost In The Universe (Live)

Psychic Equalizer is a prog-rock band formed by musicians of different nationalities and musical backgrounds. Started by Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles in 2011, it began as a solo project, mostly in the electronic ambient music field with elements of jazz and classical piano. The idea was to create musical landscapes suggesting different emotional atmospheres and states of mind. In recent years, Psychic Equalizer evolved towards a prog rock sound, and expanded to include keyboardist Adrian Ubiaga (Spain), singer and multi-instrumentalist India Hooi (Australia) and guitarist Carlos Barragán (Colombia). The four members’ classical training and professional experience in playing a myriad of genres results in an original and exciting sound combining virtuosity, harmonic richness and boldly creative arrangements.

Lost in the universe is a great composition, starting with an amazing guitar intro by Carlos. 
Being a live recording you will recognize immediately the qualities of single components of the band, executing the song in an impeccable way. My favourite part is the "theatrical" part in the middle followed by an amazing part by keyboards and drums.

 If you like Progressive rock, give the song a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the artist.

Giovanni Gagliano

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