Renato Genestra - All in you

Renato Genestra is a Brazilian artist who just released a new brand new single called All in You

The artist said about the song: The new song talks about anxiety and fear. "I know, it's hard to breathe when you're suffocated!" “Sometimes we feel breathless, suffocated! I've been through this several times and anyone who feels that way also knows what I'm talking about.”    

What I like about the song is the general attitude throughout the song, the guitar sound and the voice of Renato blending perfectly with the song as well. Great is the main guitar riff and choruses are catchy too. 

Give All in you a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the artist.

The new song follows a Blues Rock and Classic Rock style, like the first single "He is not a hero!" with excellent guitar riffs, timbres and arpeggios, you can listen to it clicking on the player below.

Giovanni Gagliano

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