State of Illusion - Starlight

State of illusion recently dropped their new album called"Pluto's Ghost", with the lead single "Starlight" and want to get the word out! "Pluto's Ghost" is a record that sits right on the border of radio-ready rock and progressive metal—it is more an experience than a collection of songs. While being easily accessible throughout, it also feels otherworldly, with atmospheric soundscapes creating backdrops for the songs. It is big, it is ethereal, it is sneakily technical, it is riffy at times, it has huge choruses, it has elements of metal but never becomes overwhelmingly heavy, and is at all times melodic, but most of all, it is emotion-based. These elements are nowhere more clear than the single "Starlight".

What I like about the song is mainly the sound and the general atmosphere, with great vocals and catchy melodies - all in a package with a great videoclip.  

You can give it a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the band.


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