SYNAPSE - Brand New Sky

Synapse is a progressive rock group with a hint of Jazz colours. 

The group has been around for 3 years but debuted as a cover band, revisiting the biggest rock hits from the last 2 decades. Time passed, composing took over interpretation and an EP began to take form. Epic melodies, a ton of rock, progressive riffs, jazz harmony... all these elements connected is what Synapse likes to create and to perform. The signal is strong... Discover Synapse! 

What I hear from Brand new sky is some Dream theater influences (from the video you can also notice the signature John Petrucci guitar) mixed with alternative vocals. It's definitely a good mix and the sound of the band is excellent. My favourite part is the instrumental break around the minute 3.30, followed by an amazing guitar solo. If you are a fan of the band that I have mentioned before, you will like it for sure. 

Give the song a go by clicking on the player below and don't forget to support and follow the band..

Giovanni Gagliano

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