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The Leaf was born in 2019 to longtime friends who, after playing in several bands in Italy,
finally got together in Milan. The resulting music is an urban based rock played with a
wanderlust trait; the love for 90s melodies shapes a rough sound, aggressive yet comforting,
alt-rock with no fear of contamination and risk. An ever changing composition out of necessity and earnestness. Initially a power trio, the band lands its fully fledged lineup in 2020 with the entrance of Gloria, her R&B flair giving a fresh new shape to the songs.

The Leaf is Gloria Galeno (voice), Alessio Manni (guitars, voice), Luca Margherito (drums)
and Riccardo Terrasi (bass).

What I liked about the four songs of this EP, in particular, is the neat sound of the guitars and the fact that all the vocals perfectly blend together, not always easy when you have the contrast of female/male voice. Also, the energy in these four songs is absolutely spot on.

You can listen to the EP Loop by clicking on the Spotify link below and don't forget to support and follow the band.

Giovanni Gagliano

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