THE LOW FOG - The Low Fog

The low fog is a band from Oakland, United States and we are going to talk about their first release, self-titled, with a very atmospherical cover (see above).

The album has 14 tracks for about 50 minutes of music. I was using the term "atmospherical" for the cover... Well, it represents perfectly the music of this The low fog, an instrumental album played in between the calm and the fog, starting from the first track, Windows.

The "almost" title track The low fog, too features a nice guitar bending section, and the following Golden has an acoustic soul which reminded me of an old tune by Ben Harper. My favourites of the album are probably the tracks Spitting image, then Oaks and PinesOld Friend, and I can still hear her, very calming.

Describing the first album and the music played by The Low Fog in words is a very difficult job, unless you are a poet, probably. I'm not a poet, what I can say is... If you are looking for relaxing and atmospherical music, for a chilling night or a calming waking up, try out this album and this band, it may be parts of your playlists. 

You can give the album a go through the Spotify link below.

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